A young woman smiling with short blond-brownish hair and thin rosegold glasses.

Hi! I'm Elisa, a Linguistics PhD student at Stanford where I study language from a cognitive and computational perspective.

When we communicate, we constantly make choices about what we want to say and how we want to say it. The communicative context we're in plays a central role in shaping these decisions: What are my goals? What does the other person know? Where is this conversation taking place?

In my research, I investigate how communicative context shapes the language we produce and how we understand it.

My goal is to help raise awareness for the challenges and opportunities that come specifically with communication about complex visual scenes, as is necessary for efficient human-computer interaction, and develop systems that address these issues.

I'm a member of Stanford's NLP group (advised by Christopher Potts) and I'm further affiliated with the CoCoLab, ALPS lab, and Causality in Cognition Lab.